PUP Garden Resources

Well you’ve picked up your garden, now what?

Here are some resources for you to help you get started!


MENTORS AVAILABLE ~ Gardening Mentors are available to help answer your questions!  Request a mentor by calling 715-346-1316 or email us here.

CONTAINER GARDENING FACT SHEET ~ UW-Madison Extension – A3382.pdf


Small Space Gardening ~ U of Wisconsin Extension Horticulturist, Janell Wehr – 41:02

How to Plant Seeds in a Container ~ eHow, Horticulturist Stan DeFreitas – 1:08

Gardening in Limited space ~ U of Maine Extension – 6:06

Container Gardening:  An Easy Way to Grow Your Own Food ~ U of Maryland Extension – 5:29

Family Fun: Planting Seeds in Unusual Containers ~ U of Maryland Extension – 6:02

Starting a Garden: Seed Starting Basics ~ U of Illinois Extension – 17:16

Growing Vegetables in Raised Beds or Containers ~ U of Illinois Extension – 1:05.51