Online Reporting System

The New Online Reporting System (ORS) is LIVE!

If you have not done so already, please log into the Online Reporting System.  

Our online reporting system  is where you can update your personal information and check off on all the required “paperwork”. Soon we’ll have you log on again to confirm your total hours, and record your hours on the site (but we have to get all the projects loaded first).  This will replace the paper forms we have traditionally used.

Go to to log onto the system and complete all the required agreements. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to do this (depending on how long it takes you to read all the boring legalese). We’ll send more instructions when new parts of the ORS are phased in.

Just start typing in your first or last name (whichever is most distinctive will get you there fastest) and it will automatically filter through all the names to bring up those with a partial or full match. If you type in your full first and last name you will NOT see your name, so use just one or the other! Once you see your name in the drop down menu, click on it. Then add your zip code to access your profile. (If this doesn’t work, we may have an incorrect address on file for you or there may be another glitch. If you can’t get in, click on “Get Help”.)

Once you get to your record you can see what information we have on file for you. From now on YOU get to update this yourself rather than contacting us to do it. In order to save any changes you MUST create a username and password.

Then there are several agreements that you have to read and agree to. We’ve had you do the Volunteer Expectations Agreement on paper before – now it’s just a checkbox (but the same text as the paper form). There are also some new things to agree to that are required by UW-Extension that anyone who has been a 4-H volunteer should be familiar with: sections on Assumption of Risk, and Consent for Emergency Treatment. This must be accepted to be a certified volunteer. There is also a Photo Release which you do not have to accept, but you have to provide an answer. Once those are all checked, click on the green box that says “Save Profile” (on the right side at both top and bottom) and you’re done for now!

Remember, you CANNOT enter hours at this point, so continue to keep them on paper until you hear otherwise! In the near future we’ll ask you to sign in again and confirm your total number of hours for 2018, and we’ll notify you when hours reporting is finally available.

And if you have any MGV friends who don’t have easy access to a computer, you can help them do this on your device(s). Just sign in as them, and help them set up their own username and password, and do all the other stuff, too.


Mike Maddox

Master Gardener Program

UW-Madison | Division of Extension