Portage County 4-H Adult Volunteer Awards

Over the years, a number of 4-H Adult volunteers and supporters have been recognized for their outstanding service to the Portage County 4-H program. Click the links below to view past and current honorees:


These are individuals and organizations that have been outstanding supporters of the youth of Portage County through 4-H.




Alumni are the strongest contributors to the proud tradition of 4-H in Portage County. Over 15,000 have been a part of the 4-H program. They may leave their home county, but many soon become involved wherever they choose to live, becoming community leaders and giving unselfishly of their time and resources to help other generations of youth. The following 4-H alumni have been recognized by the Portage County 4-H Leaders Association:




Since 2003, we have honored a 4-H volunteer or couple who demonstrate outstanding contributions and commitment to 4-H.