Red Barn, Agriculture in Portage CountyAg News & Events:

  • Do you have blight in your garden?
    What many people commonly call "blight" can be one of several fungal or bacterial diseases.
  • Urban Forestry Workshop – Sept 24th
    Diseases, Insects, & Invasive Species of the Urban Forest:  This one-day workshop will provide basic instructions and training for urban forestry clientele on current trends and updated information.
  • Japanese Beetles are Back
    Japanese beetles have arrived in Portage County. These are creatures no one ever wants to see in their yard.  Japanese Beetles devour established landscape plants in a day.  There are few things more devastating to your landscape, as they will eat over 300 species of plants.
  • Reducing Risk from Manure Storage Agitation Gases
    Since the early 1960s, nearly 150 people have died in the U.S. because of manure-related gas incidents in confined spaces (NCERA 2016).  Of those cases, about half occurred on dairy operations.
  • Tractor Safety Trainings
    Portage County Extension will not be hosting a Tractor Safety Training this year but this page will help you find other trainings in neighboring counties.


Portage County Agriculture Information

Portage County Agriculture: Value & Economic Impact Brochure (PDF, 295 KB)


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