4-H Forms & Applications


Enrolling in 4-H is done entirely online at https://wi.4honline.com. Step-by-step enrollment guides are available HERE.

For access to other applications and forms as well as record book pages please see the appropriate tabs below.

Nomination Forms

4-H Alumni Nomination Form DOCPDFSubmit Online09/16/2023
 Friend of 4-H Nomination Form DOCPDFSubmit Online09/16/2023
4-H Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form DOCPDFSubmit Online09/16/2023
4-H Adult Ag Leader of the Year Nomination Form DOCPDFSubmit Online01/26/2024

Awards & Scholarships

Teen Awards & Ambassador Application DOC PDFN/A12/15/2023
Portage County 4-H Travel Assistance Funding ApplicationDOCPDFN/A12/15/2023
Portage County 4-H ScholarshipDOCPDFN/A03/15/2024
4-H Youth Leader in Agriculture Application DOCPDFN/A01/26/2024

Market Animal Project & Managerial Agreement Forms

Market Animal Project Sign-Up Form DOCPDFSubmit Online12/15/2023
Drug History FormDOCPDFWeigh-On
Managerial Agreement DOCPDF04/15/2024
Market Animal Project Graduate Award DOCPDF08/01/2024

Record Book Pages

Record Book & 4-H Literature Order Form
Front Cover (Personal Info & Yearly Plan)DOCPDF
Back Cover (Current Year Activity Record & Pledges)DOCPDF
Record Book Check-OffDOCPDF
Permanent Record FormDOCPDF
My 4-H Activity Program FormDOCPDF
Cake Decorating Project RecordDOCPDF
Ceramic Project RecordDOCPDF
Crops Management RecordDOCPDF
Dairy Project RecordN/APDF
Dairy Heifer Management RecordDOCPDF
Dog Project RecordDOCPDF
Flowers & House Plants Project RecordDOCPDF
Foods & Nutrition Project RecordDOCPDF
Food Preservation Project RecordDOCPDF
Garden Project RecordDOCPDF
General Project RecordDOCPDF
Goat Project RecordDOCPDF
Home Project RecordDOCPDF
Horse Project RecordDOCPDF
Meat Animal Project RecordDOCPDF
Photography Project RecordDOCPDF
Rabbit Project RecordDOCPDF
Youth Leadership Project RecordDOCPDF

Secretary Book Pages

Attendance RecordDOCPDF
Calendar of Club ActivitiesDOCPDF

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