Portage County Rosholt Fair

2023-2026 Portage County Rosholt Fair Book

Each exhibit you sign up for in FairEntry has a description to help you select the right one. The description does not contain all of the rules or requirements for the exhibit. You still need to consult the Fair Book to learn what the judge will be looking for. Many exhibits have size requirements or special instructions, such as including a 3×5” card with information about the exhibit.  Please click the image to access the 2023-2026 Portage County Fair Book.

How to Enter Exhibits for the Rosholt Fair:

Deadline for Entries is July 24th! Please Do Not Wait Until the Deadline In Case You Have Questions or Need Help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use the 4-H Family instructions. You will be able to change the Club/Chapter affiliation for individual entries if a member wants to show an exhibit through their FFA Chapter instead of their 4-H Club.

Entries need to be made online by the exhibitor and their family. You are welcome to contact Lisa Henriksen at 715-346-1462 or lisa.henriksen@wisc.edu if you would like help with the online process.

The exhibitor’s grade is always the grade they were in as of January 1 of the current year. For example, if an exhibitor completed 8th grade in June and will be going into 9th grade in September, they are still competing as an 8th grader in all lots and should not sign up for any “Grade 9 & Up” exhibits.

Cloverbuds do not have competitive exhibits and therefore won’t sign up for the fair through FairEntry. There is no need to add them as an exhibitor for your family. Cloverbuds who wish to have an exhibit displayed at the Rosholt Fair and judged for a participation ribbon may bring their exhibit to the Youth Building on Thursday night check in of the fair.

If you registered after April 1, you are not eligible to show at this year’s Rosholt Fair through 4-H. If you are having an issue remembering your login e-mail or password, please contact Lisa at 715-346-1462 or lisa.henriksen@wisc.edu to have it reset.

A Premises ID is required for any exhibitor showing Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Poultry or Alpacas. Owners of these types of animals need to register their premises with the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium.

The 4-H exhibitor you are trying to add the entry for is not in one of the 4-H Projects required to show that exhibit. You can check your 4-H youth’s project list through your 4-H Online account or by contacting Lisa at 715-346-1462 or lisa.henriksen@wisc.edu. Required project affiliations for exhibits are explained in the Fair Book.

No. There are no charges or entry fees for entering exhibits at the Rosholt Fair. You will need to click “Continue to Payment” when entries are completed for all exhibitors in your family, but there will not be an actual payment.

When you click “Continue to Payment,” you are submitting the entries for your entire family. Your original entries will need to be approved before you can go back into your account and add exhibitors or entries. Wait for the end of the next business day or two before trying again.

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