Garden Questions

Portage County Extension is your local resource for questions regarding, Trees & Shrubs – Vegetables – Flowers Houseplants – Insect Pests – Fertilizers

Portage County Extension Office
Portage County Annex Bldg. 2nd Floor
1462 Strongs Avenue
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 346-1316

Free Services

Plant Identification
Insect Identification
Plant Disease Information
Late Blight Testing

Service Fees

Disease Diagnosis from Lab ~ $25+
Soil Testing ~ $22+
Turf Testing ~ $25

What we need for plant identification
If possible, submit the entire plant (especially for weeds); the roots may be important for identification.
For trees and shrubs – a branch with leaves attached.
Flowers and fruits are also helpful in identification.
Submit sample in plastic bag, do NOT water.

What we need for insect identification
Specimen in a small jar or plastic container, so it doesn’t get squashed.
Place in freezer overnight to euthanize the insect.
Detail the location where it was found 

What we need for disease identification
For herbaceous plants, submit entire plant that has symptoms, if possible; otherwise, several leaves and stems.
For woody plants, submit the branch that has symptoms (living and dead parts).
Submit sample in plastic bag; do NOT add water.

Soil Testing
What we need:
2 cups of air dry soil.
Samples should contain soil from surface to 6 inches deep.
Take soil from 3 to 5 places in area to be tested, mix together; submit 2 cups of mixture in a clean plastic bag.

Turf Testing
Please contact our office for information on correct sampling and timeliness of shipping.